Why Pet Owners Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Petowner Cleaning Carpet

If you’re a pet lover, you know how much joy and comfort they bring to your life. But you also know that they can make a mess on your carpets from time to time. Whether it’s muddy paw prints, urine accidents, or spilled food, pets can leave behind stains and odours that are hard to […]

5 Reasons Your Office Needs Upholstery Cleaning Today

People Cleaning Office

You may have a daily cleaning schedule for your office. The cleaner probably empties the bins, vacuums the floor, wipes over surfaces and straightens up any equipment left out of place. While these tasks make a difference and are essential, if you have upholstered furniture, dirt is being missed guaranteed. Your cleaner will brush away […]

The Link Between Dirty Carpets and Allergies

Vacuum Cleaner Carpet

If you’ve suddenly found yourself sneezing, coughing or battling unexplainable itching within the confines of your home, then there might be an unlikely culprit lurking beneath your feet. While there can be multiple triggers for these issues, one that’s often overlooked is the accumulation of dust and dirt in your carpet. Even if you’re religious […]

How to Keep Area Rugs Clean, Maintained and Beautiful Year Round


To keep your area rugs looking stunning all year round, they need a little maintenance. It can be tempting to lay and forget about a rug, thinking it’ll just do its own thing. While it will survive without attention, a good cleaning routine eliminates dirt and allergens and prolongs the rugs useful life. Rug fibres […]