Flood Restoration to Water Damaged Carpets

A flood in your home or office can be a trying time as it can disrupt your daily routines as well as increase your stress levels. The main thing to remember is that the faster you respond the less damage and stress you will incur. This is the difference between restoration or replacement!

Statewide Carpet Cleaners are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with all aspects of water and flood damage restoration. A quick call and our fully trained and qualified technicians will be on their way. With industry leading equipment and the many years of experience will ensure that we will have everything back to normal in the fastest time possible and with a minimum of disruption.

What do I do if Water has Flooded my Home or Office?

Act fast – call us. We will give you the best advice and the swiftest response in the event of flood water damaging your home and carpets. Time is of the essence so acting quickly by calling a qualified professional in flood water damage could help save you thousands of dollars not to mention a lot of stress.

Minimise the Damage and Prevent Further Problems

The key to minimising damage and mould growth is the fast and total removal of moisture from the affected areas. Our technicians will use the latest steam cleaning procedures as well as up to date moisture testing meters, air movers, dehumidifiers and powerful extraction equipment to remove the flood water in the fastest and most efficient way thereby reducing disruption and damage to your home and business. We will work with your insurance company to make the disaster as smooth and pain free as possible.

What Will Water Damage do if Left Untreated?

If left for too long, all sorts of permanent damage can occur, that is why calling us as fast as possible can save you all sorts of problems. The longer the water is present, the more of the following issues and their severity will occur. We can prevent this so call Gianni, a licensed and qualified professional.

Some of the above issues can obviously also affect your health, not just your home or office. Even small leaks if left untreated can cause many more problems over time, act fast and give Gianni a call.

What Causes Water Damage or Flooding?

Water damage can be caused by over flowing gutters, toilets backing up and many other ways and if not treated correctly can cause damage to carpets, walls and most importantly your health.

Is Water Damaged Carpet Restoration Expensive?

It’s certainly not as expensive as replacing. Carpet restoration cost will obviously be completely depend on the level of damage so each job is unique. Even if you think you have insurance there may be clauses and caveats which affect the cost or in fact don’t cover completely replacing everything, which is actually a lot more inconvenient than restoring as it will take a lot longer and you’ll have to deal with more companies than just us.

Can Water Damage be Rectified?

Yes, but there are obvious limits. Acting fast is the key factor, but only if the company is experienced in dealing with flood water damage to carpets and floors.There is a specific procedure that a qualified Flood Restoration Technician will use to greatly reduce water damage caused by flooding. First the flood water must be removed as much as possible then the next steps involve applying the use of Air movers and Dehumidifiers to dry the affected areas as well as removing carpet or wall linings to ensure all structures are fully dry. Obviously this a very simplified description of Water Damage Restoration but rest assured Statewide Carpet Cleaners have many years of experience and know exactly what is required to get the job done.

So when disaster strikes call Statewide Carpet Cleaners for fast and reliable flood restoration services!