How to Treat Common Household Carpet Stains in an Emergency

Every new carpet is going to suffer a spill sooner or later. How you treat each type of spill or accident is going to go a long way towards keeping your carpet looking as new as possible for as long as possible.

You should always treat the spill before it’s had a chance to dry and be absorbed into the carpet fibres. Speed is of the essence when it comes to preventing carpet stains.

The other main thing to remember in treating carpet stains is never to rub the affected area, blot it instead. Rubbing it works the stain into the carpet fibres. And remember to be patient. Some stains require a bit of work and time to remove completely.

The Effective Five – Solutions That Will Provide Effective Results

There are four common household solutions that will be effective against most stains and spills. They are: club sodawhite vinegarhydrogen peroxideshaving cream and dishwashing liquid.

For beer and wine stains, use club soda initially. Pour the soda onto a cloth and blot the area repeatedly with the cloth. If you’re certain that the stain is not responding, try a mixture of half and half white vinegar and water.

Pour the solution into a spray bottle, spray the mixture onto the affected area and let it sit for ten or fifteen minutes. Then, using a clean sponge, blot up the excess solution and cover it with white paper towels that are weighted down with something heavy. Let it dry for about a day before removing the paper towels.

Hydrogen Peroxide is effective at removing bloodstains. If your child comes with a cut knee, don’t panic if he gets some blood on your new carpet. Simply pour the Hydrogen Peroxide directly on the bloodstain. You’ll notice it foam up when it hits the bloodstain. After a few minutes blot up the solution with towels and let the carpet dry.

Another thing to try when nothing else is working is shaving cream. It is surprisingly effective against a variety of stains. Just apply it directly to a stain and let it set for around a half-hour. Then, blot it up with a dry, white cloth. Finish the job by using the vinegar and water solution and then blotting up the solution.

For grease stains dishwashing liquid is your best bet. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the stain. Then blot it up with a clean, white paper towel. You might have to repeat the process to get it all out.

For Bigger Stains and Other Carpet Cleaning Services – Call on the Experts

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