Why use an IICRC Qualified Carpet Cleaner?

Like most industries, cleaning has standards and governing bodies to which professionals can join to make it easier for consumers to know exactly what they’re getting and keep standards high, especially when health is a related aspect. It’s not illegal to be unqualified and offer carpet cleaning as a service, not like other industries, but like most services cleaning is actually a detailed skill and has qualifications and standards. Why wouldn’t you use a professional when it comes to your home or health? No one would hire an unqualified builder for a major renovation after all.

What is IIRC?

IIRC means the “Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification” which means you can actually call yourself a professional carpet cleaner or restorer. It keeps professionals accountable and identifies the pros to the consumer. They are actually responsible for quite a few things which can be seen here. There is also the SCRIA (Specialised Cleaning and Restoration Industry) which also have training and qualifications you can earn and are now called the SRCP.

Benefits of using an IIRC cleaner

The benefits are obvious and some have been outlined already, but using any licensed professional is pretty much a no brainer. The cleaning industry like a lot of industries suffers from untrained people and companies offering services they can’t do properly.  Using someone who is certified usually means two things, that they will know more and so do a better job, and they are accountable and have a reason to do it well. Untrained and unlicensed operators don’t have to worry about these things, and if they were good then why aren’t they qualified?

Not Just Carpet Cleaning

Carpets, Rugs, Soft Furnishings, Furniture and Sofas can all be valuable both sentimentally and monetarily. When looking at it this way and not just in terms of simple carpet cleaning (which it isn’t) then it’s easier to see why you would want someone who knows what can and can’t be done with that antique rug before they start to clean it. Skills require knowledge, knowledge requires teaching, and offering paid for professional services requires licensing and qualifications to prove this. It’s simple, the more qualifications and experience your carpet cleaner has, the better.

Different Carpet Cleaning Related Skills

As a professional cleaning company in Adelaide, we cater for all types of commercial businesses, including:

Statewide live up to the standards set by the governing institutions, not because it is easy, but because it’s what customers have come to expect and upholds the satisfactions guarantee Gianni promises. Add these qualifications and licenses to over 17 years of experience and you’ll know why Gianni is considered one of the leading carpet cleaners in Adelaide.