Stain Removal

Today’s modern household is a busy mix of work, play and party and inevitably accidents can and will happen. Whether it be lipstick that your four year old son created a master piece on your lounge room carpet with, or that Red wine spilled from that great party you had last week, Statewide Carpet Cleaners can come to the rescue.

Stain removal is quite a science and the proper use of technique and chemicals can result in total stain removal on most occasions. With the latest chemicals, equipment and techniques combined with our many years of experience we can handle any type of stains that you can imagine as well as some that you can’t.

The most important thing to remember is that the faster the stain is attended to the greater the success in totally removing the stain. See our Emergency Stain Guide for the correct procedures that you can do to remedy your stains and spills and if they are unsuccessful then call us for the best stain removal service in Adelaide.