Statewide Carpet Cleaners are a well known and respected Adelaide upholstery cleaning specialists who use the “HOT water extraction” method which will remove more stains, body oils and ground-in dirt, than any other cleaning system.

With over ten years of experience, we have the knowledge & techniques, as well as the best equipment to get even the most soiled upholstery back to their former glory.

You will be amazed at how bright and clean your lounge suite or dining chairs will look after they have been steam cleaned by Statewide Carpet Cleaners! They will smell lovely and fresh as well as having that soft new fabric feel they used to have when new.


Your upholstery can come into contact with all matter of dirt, stains, perspiration as well as pet odours and by regular steam cleaning will remove all the nasties. But not all upholstery cleaning companies are the same and can achieve results like Statewide Carpet Cleaners can!

Firstly we inspect the upholstery fabric to determine its construction and fibre type. Using this information we will determine the correct cleaning solutions and methods to achieve only the best results which are also safe for fine fabrics.

A special cleaning solution is then applied to the fabric and allowed to dwell, for a short while, slowly loosening all the dirt, perspiration and stains. The upholstery is then steam cleaned removing all the cleaning solution along with all the ground in dirt, odours and other nasties. During the steam cleaning process a light deodouriser is also used to give your upholstery that pleasant fresh new smell. Drying time is determined by the fabric type but generally most upholstery will be dry within 1 to 2 hours even in the colder months.

So don’t throw your upholstery away get it professionally steam cleaned by Statewide carpet Cleaners you will be amazed at the results.