Carpet Stain Removal Guide for Emergency Situations

We all lead busy lives with work, play and family, inevitably accidents can and will happen.

Whether it is Coffee, Red Wine, Make up or even Paint, what you do next can be the difference between having a stain which can be removed or unfortunately becomes permanent. If you are not sure what to do, call Statewide Carpet Cleaners and we will assist you with what are the necessary steps over the phone. The most important thing to remember is that the quicker you attend to the problem the better the results will be.


  1. You will need to get yourself a white towel, paper towel or cloth nappy and place it on top of the carpet and gently pressing down thereby soaking up the liquid spill. Keep repeating this process using clean sections of the towel until no more liquid can be seen transferring to the towel. DO NOT RUB THE CARPET AS THIS CAN DISTORT THE FIBERS.

  2. If there is still some staining on the carpet you can spray some water, using a small hand sprayer, onto the stained area and again soaking it up with the towel. Do not use any sort of chemicals on the stain as some chemicals can actually “set” the stain and make it permanent.

  3. If there is staining still visible we would suggest that you call Statewide Carpet Cleaners who have the skills and appropriate processes to remove most household stains.


  1. Scrape off as much of the solids as possible using a blunt butter knife , being very careful not to rub excessively as this will definitely damage the carpet fibres. If the solids are not removed by the gentle scraping do not continue.

  2. Spray the solids with a small amount of water to see if this will soften them allowing more solids to be gently scraped away. If the solids are softening you can then use the same process as for Liquid spills. If there is staining still visible we would suggest you call Statewide Carpet Cleaners.


Liquid and Solid type spills can contain both Natural and Man Made dyes which, depending on the type of carpet, can become permanent stains. There is no simple way or home remedy that can remove these types of stains. Statewide Carpet Cleaners can fade and even remove these stains, providing that no other chemicals have been used to try to remove the stains.

Large Paint spills should first be cleaned up as much as possible. We then recommend that you cover the spill with a layer of cling wrap which will slow down the drying process, as once paint has dried it becomes much harder to remove. Then we suggest you call Statewide Carpet Cleaners, as soon as possible, as we can remove the paint without it spreading or affecting the carpet if you try to clean it yourself with solvents.

Unfortunately there are too many stain types to list all their removal processes but if you are not sure what to do you are welcome to call us for free advice on how to tackle your specific stain problem.