Terms and Conditions​

Estimates and Quoting.

Our minimum charge for any job is $75.00.

Combined Lounge and Dinning rooms are considered two rooms.

Staircases from on level to the next are considered one room.

Lounge suites are price by seating positions for instance a three seater lounge suite will fit three normal sized people.

The price for our services given to you over the phone / email is subject to inspection of the job before work commences.

When our technicians arrive at your premises they will inspect the areas you have told us about.

The technician will then inspect the carpet and stains before work commences.

The technician will also confirm the price with you before work commences.

Generally price’s given over the phone are 95 percent accurate when based on the information given to us by the customer.

The technician will sometimes quote extra after inspection when the following occurs;

There are extra rooms or areas that we were not told about.

The rooms are larger than 14m2.

Carpet is heavily soiled and needs our Deluxe scrub pre-treatment to satisfactorily assist in dirt and stain removal.

Some stains require extra treatments which incur extra costs.

There are animal stains or odours that require extra treatments.

Spotting and Stain Removal

Normal spots and stains are included in the cleaning price although they are not guaranteed to be totally removed as some stains can be permanent

Difficult stain removal is not included in the cleaning price such as;

aged cordial, red wine, curry, rust stains, urine etc.

If difficult stain removal procedures are required these will be quoted before work commences.

Statewide Carpet Cleaners does not guarantee stain removal for permanent stains.

General Conditions

All prices include GST.

Prices for a room are to a maximum size of 14m2

Statewide Carpet Cleaners cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed.

Statewide carpet Cleaners cannot be responsible for any pre-existing conditions not apparent upon visual inspection. These can include but are not limited to, carpet de-lamination, loosely stretched carpet, previous liquid and pet stains etc, sun faded and effected carpet, unstable dye in rugs and upholstery.

We will warrantee our workmanship only when claims are made within two weeks and the customer also will give us the opportunity to rectify any issues with workmanship.

Services and special offers are not available in all areas.