5 Reasons Your Office Needs Upholstery Cleaning Today

You may have a daily cleaning schedule for your office. The cleaner probably empties the bins, vacuums the floor, wipes over surfaces and straightens up any equipment left out of place. While these tasks make a difference and are essential, if you have upholstered furniture, dirt is being missed guaranteed.

Your cleaner will brush away small crumbs from an upholstered chair, but a deep clean won’t happen unless arranged. Just like carpet steam cleaning, deep upholstery cleaning kills the dirt and bacteria regular cleaning misses. Here’s why you need to get your office upholstery cleaned today.

Extends the Life of Furniture

Sweat, dirt and many other residues transfer from people onto upholstery. In an office environment, chairs have many different people sitting on them in the course of a day. To extend the life of your furniture, professional commercial cleaning services tackle upholstery dirt deep down, extending its useful life.

Healthier for Your Staff

Your staff are the lifeblood of your business. If they are healthy, your business can stay moving forwards. Dirt, bacteria and allergens love to live deep down in carpets and upholstery and only deep cleaning can eliminate them. Invest in professional upholstery cleaning for your office furniture at least every six months, to keep the office environment healthy.

It Keeps the Place Looking Professional

Have you ever walked into a business, sat on a chair with crusty stains and felt a little repulsed? It doesn’t give the best first impression and this is what you want to avoid when clients visit you. Call in your local professional upholstery cleaners for a deep clean and keep your companies image in-tact.

Creates a Pleasant Work Environment

It’s no secret that a pleasant, happy work environment creates happy, productive staff. Keeping the furniture clean does more than just look good, it helps create an environment your staff enjoy being in.  In fact, experts state that cleaning and de-cluttering can have a positive effect on mental and physical health plus increase focus.

Improves the Air Quality

Your upholstery holds hair, dust and allergens deep down in the fibres just like carpets. This can lead to allergy sufferers being irritated with itchy eyes, sneezes and coughs. A deep upholstery clean refreshes fabric and removes dust and even mold, keeping the air quality in your office fresh.